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Parvez Syed was born in Bangladesh.As a child of musical parents his interest in music was awakened in particular by the lap steel guitar of his mother. He exchanged this instrument for a classical guitar and founded his first band. Pretty soon after Parvez Syed jobbed as a studio musician.
1990 he came to Austria to finish his studies of business management at the University of Vienna. Due to his versatile musical talent Parvez Syed gained attention by the local music scene. Together with his friends from home he revived the project Rejuvenate which he had already started in Bangladesh. Rejuvenate's music fused traditional music from Bangladesh with reggae grooves. In this band Parvez Syed was active as a singer and drummer. In the following years Parvez Syed played in Slim Young's african-reggae-band, in Cheesevibes, Jayasri, Dubblestandart, Ras & Roots, just to mention a few.
One day, the absence of a suitable keyboard player for reggae music caused Parvez Syed to focus his interest in the keyboard which should then become his main instrument. Having internalized the reggae beat as a drummer and guitar player he now enriched the shows by his groovy and steady play.
2005 the well-established reggae band House of Riddim recruited Parvez Syed for playing shows with top reggae artists like Everton Blender, Fantan Mojah, Natty King, Uton Green, Elijah Prophet, Tanya Stephens, Chezidek, Mellow Mark, Ganjaman, Jahcoustics and many others. A dream became true. From this time on all the albums (Chapter II + III) and riddims released on the in-house label were created in collaboration with Parvez Syed. Not least for his warm and helpful character he has become an indispensible component of this project.
Further productions released in collaboration with Parvez Syed: Gentleman, Uwe Banton, Mono & Nikitaman, Ganjaman, Marlene Johnson, Cali P., Cheesevibes, Jayasri and many more.
2007 Parvez Syed's first singles Freedom, Ma, Devil Dance, Midnight were released and then introduced in the television companies of Bangladesh and gets its regular air-play in the radiocharts. Furthermore he has done two remixes (Your Face, Cool Down feat. Marlene Johnson) which have already been released in Europe.
Written in English and Bangla, the lyrics of the songs are presented in a strong and persuasive way by Parvez Syed. The main topics they are dealing with are politics, nature and the nature of people. They reflect the point of view vehemently represented by Parvez Syed which arranges the authorisation to judging as well as valuing a person by another: Traits should be recognised as those, recognising free of evaluation in the foreground stand. The characteristic of a person and his or her qualities ought to be looked at for what they are. Therefore a cognition free of values should be a must.

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updated: 20.08.2009 by parvezsyed
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